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Bail Bonds San Diego believes that if you pay us thousands of dollars for bail, we should give you a safe ride home.  Other bail bondsmen are counting your money in the back room when you leave. We do Bail Bonds San Diego better than anyone else.

After a bad night in jail, go home in class and style with The Honest Bail bondsman.  Every other San Diego Bail Bondsman leaves you stranded in the middle of the night.  We are the #1 Classiest bail bonds in San Diego


  •  75% of Defendants said they had no ride home.

  •  90% of Co-Signers are afraid to drive after midnight.

  •  95% of Defendants said they need a Free Ride Home.

Limo Bail Bonds goes to work after you’re released from the San Diego Jail.

Bail Bonds San Diego

Bail Bonds San Diego is open 24 Hrs and provides a Free, Safe, Executive, Five-Star Ride Home from any San Diego County Jail after we post your San Diego bail bonds.

The San Diego jail booking and arrest process is very confusing and takes 4-12 hours to complete before a bail bond can be posted. Our San Diego bail bonds experts will help you every step of the way to make the Honest bail bonds process easy to understand.

As a Christian Bail Bonds, we help and counsel you through a stressful arrest. We always work for you and are concerned about your welfare and safety even after you’re released from the San Diego Jail. Get great service from Limo Bail Bonds.

We handle all types of Bail Bonds San Diego including: Felonies, Misdemeanors, Domestic Violence Bail Bonds, Marijuana/Drug charges, Battery Offenses, Burglary charges, Domestic Violence Bail Bonds and Spousal Abuse Cases. Limo Bail Bonds and Honest Bail Bonds also uses bail for many types of criminal activity requiring someone to be bailed out of jail after being arrested.

Limo Bail Bonds is the only a five-star San Diego bail bonds provider. Call us to find out what happens after a San Diego arrest.

bail bonds san diego

Give us a call so we can begin the Bail Bonds San Diego process immediately. We are located at 701 B St, Ste 370, San Diego, CA 92101.

Limo Bail Bonds and The Honest Bail Bondsman cares and believes a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. The San Diego Superior Court case could take several months to complete.

A bail bondsman understands that upon making the call, you need information of what a Bail Bonds San Diego is. We won’t pressure you or be rude on the phone like other San Diego bail bondsmen do.  Bail Bonds Marketing is big business and gets very expensive.

We do bail bonds by Fax, Email or Phone.

Steve Zink  619-201-7714 or 619- BAIL-LIMO

We write bail bonds San Diego at the following San Diego Jails: San Diego Central Downtown Jail, San Diego County Jail, Vista Detention Facility, Vista Jail, Las Colinas Detention Facility, Las Colinas Jail